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Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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Celebrating 20+ years of excellence
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Dream Big, Train Hard, Swim FAST!
Spring is here and a new season begins! Welcome to both returning families, and those who are new to FAST.

Time to take a fresh look at an established program. 

We’re small in numbers, big on results, and huge on opportunity. Unlike those “other” programs, we won’t promise you Olympic success, world records, or even college scholarships. All we promise is the opportunity to succeed, and the support and coaching to show you the way.

With summer league around the corner, many swimmers are looking to get a jump on the competition. You need look no further. The coaching staff at FAST has countless years of experience developing athletes from novice levels to All Star champions. Contrary to popular belief, great swimming can be achieved without having to sacrifice everything.

Time to take the plunge and join us!


  • ​To provide a family oriented environment where everyone is welcome.
  • To encourage success through goal setting, proper stroke technique, and a progressive training schedule.
  • To encourage athletes to strive towards, and  compete at, the highest levels possible in the sport..
2014 / 2015 Information will be posted soon
Spring session  dates

W, B1      April 9 - May 21
B2           April 8 - May 22
R1           April 9 - May 23
B3           April 8 - July 24
R2, R3    April 8 - July 24
Dev         April 8 - May 20