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Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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30 Years of Excellence
​Competition is a vital part of any sport, and swimming is no exception. Everything that occurs at workouts (stroke instruction, training, race strategy, mental preparation, etc.) is all geared towards competition.

In our entry level groups (WI, WII, BI, BII, RI) we expect each swimmer to compete in at least two meets, one in the Fall (September to December) and one in the Winter (January to March). Many studies in swimming and athlete retention tend to point towards those who don’t compete as dropping out of the sport earlier, and in larger numbers, and having less fulfilling experiences.

Swimmers generally join year round programs with the objective of improving their technique and fitness level with the goals of enhancing their high school and summer league seasons. 

How is the above objective measured, one may ask? The simple answer is by watching how well the swimmer competes. They race more effectively, stroke efficiency is greatly enhanced, physical recovery after a race takes less time, they can compete in multiple races at a consistently high level, etc. Racing is a skill like any other and needs to be maintained. 

From a financial perspective, when a swimmer does not compete, the question that should be asked is whether the family is getting the most out of their investment in year round swim? And the answer, quite honestly, is NO.

So make it a point to enhance your child’s swim experience, and maximize your investment, by competing regularly. Familiarize yourself with our meet schedule. Keep in mind that we have 8 practice groups, and different schedules for each group.
​Open Meets

In these meets, all swimmers are elgibile to compete. There are no qualifying times required.
​Championship Meets

These meets have qualifying time standards to enter. These types of meets typically have a preliminary and finals session.
​Distance Meets

These are meets that offer traditional distance type events, such as 500, 1000, 1650 yard Free.
​Mini Meets

These are meets for swimmers aged 8 and younger. Some mini meets have limited events for 9 year olds.