Founded 1992
Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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30 Years of Excellence
Thanks for considering our program. FAST was founded in 1992 and is a member club of USA Swimming (our National governing body) and Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) at the local level. As an organization, USA Swimming is one of the largest (over 400,000 athletes), and has been at the forefront of youth sports for many years.

At FAST, our primary focus is long term athlete development. To accomplish this, our professional coaching staff will mold your child from their first practice to become a stronger, more efficient, and well-rounded athlete. Stroke development and enhancement are part of our program at all levels and ages. Conditioning is a big part of the overall picture, and is done in a gradual, progressive manner.

We encourage parents to ask how they can maximize what our program has to offer. The first step in this process is to discard today's mentality of doing the minimum. :-) Attending practice consistently is the most important. Be early and always stay for the entire practice. Compete regularly. And always have fun!

We have two tracks within our program. Our competitive track, as the name suggests, competes throughout the calendar year (September through July), while our Non Competitive track does not compete.

For those who have limited time consider the options within our non-competitive groups. At any time during the season a swimmer can transition into our competitive groups.

Full refund given up to August 10.

Full refund less $ 200 per swimmer given up to September 30.

After October 1st, full program dues through March will be assessed.

Refund requests must be submitted in writing by the above dates.


Potomac Valley Swimming and USA Swimming are committed to the safety of every athlete. As such, there is ongoing education and training to help maintain athlete safety.

ALL families that join our program MUST read the above policy and sign off on the registration form that they have read and understand the policies. For separated / divorced parents, page 3 of our registration form should be sent in by both parents.