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Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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30 Years of Excellence
Why choose FAST?

This question is pondered annually by many families, parents and swimmers alike. There are numerous options for year round swimming, and it's our belief that there's a program for every family. FAST may or may not be the right fit for your family. We understand and appreciate the chance to work with you.

So what separates FAST from other teams? To simplify the answer we'll just give you the top 10...
​How we achieve success at FAST is also quite simple.

1.We strive to meet our Mission as stated on our web page.

2.We strive to teach the fundamentals to our entry level swimmers, and foster a love and enjoyment of the sport.

3.As an athlete grows we introduce them to a gradual, progressive development schedule that meets their needs and aspirations.

4.We ensure swimmers and parents are aware of championship level meets, both locally and regionally, and what it takes to qualify to compete in those upper level meets.

5.We work with a swimmer's high school / summer league schedules to minimize conflicts.

6. We will never ask a swimmer to choose between FAST or their high school / summer league team.

7.As swimmers move through high school, we educate them on the possibilities that collegiate swimming offers.

8.Our program design makes the transition from USA Swimming to College very smooth and seamless.

Top 10 Reasons to join FAST

1. We welcome the entire family, not just the swimmer.

2. Our focus is on long term athlete development, not short term, short lived success.

3. We won't promise you Olympic success, world records, or college scholarships. Instead we promise the opportunity to succeed.

4. Our team swims at one location, which allows daily interaction with teammates.

5. Technique and stroke development is stressed at all levels and abilities of our program.

6. Program fees are clearly posted on our webpage. No need to “call for a price quote.”

7. Athlete health and wellbeing trumps everything. We don’t have “walking wounded” or an “injury reserve” list.

8. As a small team we are able to give personal attention and feedback to each swimmer and family on a daily basis.

9. As a member of FAST you will never be a number on a roster.

10. One of our greatest assets is the diversity of our families and coaching staff.


Success can be defined very widely depending on the topic and the audience being asked. 

Success at FAST, however, is very easily defined. We consider ourselves successful when we achieve the following;

a)We create a positive environment that is conducive to learning and thriving,

b)We enhance existing skills and teach new ones,

c)Our positive environment facilitates  athletes coming to practices and meets with a smile, a positive attitude, and the motivation to excel,

d)We teach our athletes how to be great role models and to share what they have learned with more novice level athletes.