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Great swimming to everyone who competed at this year’s Odd Ball Challenge. Ari Goldberg, Iman and Tia Tura, Amber and Cora Sears, Caitlin Bossle, Brooke Steele, John Xue, Sena Williams, and Jackie Xie all swam in their first swim meet.

Congrats to James Chen on qualifying for 2016 Junior Olympics in 50 and 200 Fly. Congrats to Abbey Holmes on breaking the girls 17 – 18 Team record in 200 Backstroke.

Thanks to Nisa Aduwu and Chelsea Lee for coordinating our Concessions stand, and to Christy Hyder for coordinating Hospitality.

The next meet FAST is hosting is the Splash and Dash meet on Saturday, December 19. We will again need volunteer help to run this meet, though in smaller numbers since this meet is only one session.

Jung Lee and Craig Meledick got some officials training in and are on their way to becoming certified USA Swimming Officials.

Dream Big, Train Hard, Swim FAST!

  • ​To provide a family oriented environment where everyone is welcome.
  • To encourage success through goal setting, proper stroke technique, and a progressive training schedule.
  • To encourage athletes to strive towards, and  compete at, the highest levels possible in the sport..

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 No practice November 26