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Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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30+ Years of Excellence
​Team apparel / uniform says several things about an organization and its members, the most important being that it says who you are. Team apparel is also a source of pride. When an athlete puts on the uniform of a respected organization, that athlete invariably is accorded a certain level of respect by virtue of his or her uniform.

 Here at FAST, we make it extremely easy to be part of our team. We produce several T – shirt designs each year which are easily and readily recognizable within the swimming community. The respect we have earned over the years is the direct result of the hard work and positive attitudes from our swimmers, continued support from parents, and knowledgeable and experienced coaches developing and molding our athletes into accomplished swimmers and well-rounded young adults. 

Our team sponsor is TYR, and as such we will compete in TYR suits. Team caps should be worn when competing. For swimmers with short hair a cap may not be necessary.

We offer a second order cycle towards the end of November for those parents who wish to use FAST apparel as stocking stuffers.

For a more cost effective route, consider purchasing team gear from yesteryear at a reduced cost. For a list of what’s available, sizes, and cost, click on the ‘Old Apparel’ button.
Put on the uniform and become something more!


Parkas can still be ordered. Keep in mind that the price may be higher than $ 130 if only one or two are ordered. Approximate delivery time is 4 - 6 weeks..


Polo's have been ordered and will cost $ 35.00