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Fairland Aquatics Swim Team
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Parents are always welcome during practice sessions. We ask that parents watch from the balcony, however, so that swimmers can give their full attention to the coaches. It's important that swimmers arrive a few minutes early for practices and stay for the full practice. Late arrivals / early dismissals disrupt workouts for everyone, and greatly increase the potential for injury. Swimmer development is also interfered with and often leads to poor swim meet performance.

Parents are advised NOT to bring stopwatches to practice. The only thing a stopwatch does is measure time. Without knowing the specific instructions given by the coaches, it's impossible to truly gauge what is going on. Swimming at race pace on every repeat, at every practice is a recipe for disaster. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but we prefer to take the long, gradual road to athlete development.

Under no circumstances should parents attempt to coach from the stands. This only serves to distract the swimmer from the workout and often causes the swimmer to miss important instructions / critique. Parents who insist on trying to give instructions from the stands will be asked to wait in the lobby.

When swimmers come down on deck for practice they should have everything they need to begin the workout. Cap, goggles, fins where needed, and a water bottle.

During practices there will be times when caps come off, goggles need adjusting, and water bottles need refilling. Please do not come on deck. This is easily taken care of by the coach, the swimmer, and teammates.

Swimmers are placed in lanes based on a number of criteria. Moving from one lane to another should never be viewed as a promotion or demotion. On different days swimmers may be moved around from one lane to the next.